Rowing to lose weight


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I just started bought a rowing machine and would like to lose some belly fat. I'm 45, 6'2" tall and 230lbs. I'm naturally thin but over the last yr or so my stomach has started to expand from a 36/38 waist to a 40. My diet is pretty good, I don't over-eat, don't eat lots of sugar and have a can of soda once or twice a week. The rest of the week it's water, at least 64oz a day.

I'm trying to find out what a good pace and time would be to help slim down. So far I'm averaging 24spm between 35 to 40 minutes. Yesterday for example I had 814spm over 35 minutes.

From what I've read you need a good 45 minutes of rowing daily to start losing weight. I understand calorie deficits, but having never rowed before I'm just not sure what numbers I should aiming for (time, strokes, split, etc).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.