Accidentally crossing lanes in competitions!!!


I remember once when I was in a competition, and I was the cox. That is the one that steers the boat and sits in front but doesn't have to row - for those who don't know that that means.

And it was really funny, really, because the steering thing didn't work, and I had to tell me team (stroke!!! bow!!! oops, sorry, I meant stroke!!! stroke stroke stroke...) which side they had to put in more effort.

It wasn't that good, really, because we were crossing into other peoples lanes and my crew were looking at me like... get it right!!!

Don't know if you guys had experience with this, please post below if you have, but I thought it's a nice story to share anyway. :)
LOL That's so funny! I can imagine you wishing that the sea will just eat you up. I witnessed one competition wherein the boat goes to the other team's lanes, too, and it's all because of the cox, too. He's too nervous that he keeps on saying different commands, confusing the entire team :P
Hahaha. Well my crew got mad at me and I was like... so sorry!!! In the end the person in stroke (sitting in front of me) gave the commands and I just sat there. But we came second. Yay!
That is funny. You should prepare for the race by testing the steering next time. You are lucky to have not crashed with your competitors. I have never been a cox, I prefer the hard work :P