Beginner(first post): Distances can’t be right. Is my erg broken?

Is it broken?

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Been rowing for a few weeks now on Stamina Wave 1445 Water Rower. So far it’s been a good machine in terms of quality but I’m worried it’s not calculating distances correctly.

Pedigree: Male 32. 185lbs. 5’-10”. Been fairly out of shape. Not sedentary but no real cardio to speak of.

Here’s the question:

I started slow purposefully by trying to hit 500M.

My very first row, ever, I did 500M in 21:47. Odd. It took 350 pulls and I was averaging about 16 pulls/minute. I thought maybe I was more out of shape than I thought...

Fast forward a few weeks, had a great row this morning, felt really good.
Did 1000M but it took 32:18. 639 pulls and I was averaging 22 pulls/minute.

From what I’ve read I’d have to be a 600lb sloth to have times that poor. Can everyone let me know what they think? There are no good forums or questions on this particular rower.

If everyone agreees something is up I’ll head to a gym and test another model rower and see what the distances are.

Thanks everyone!