Boat speeds

I don't know if anyone has something like that. I googled trying to find something, but nothing. How about just googling the boat itself, and then find it's speed (possible speed). Is that what you want to know? I am new to the whole boating thing, but it seems a way I would go;) Denise
Does anyone have a table of the relative speeds of different boat types
From my personal experience I can say that my 9' Achilles inflatable dinghy rows at 3.0 mph max.

My Selway-Fisher Mandarin 17 rows at 5.0 mph, and 6.0 mph for 10 second bursts of speed.
In choppy water (waves more than 6 inches high) the cruising rowing speed drops to 4.0 mph.
Racing shells are faster.
8 man racing shells are even faster.
But that is just what I read on the internet. I never rowed a racing shell.