Buying a boat!

josh burrows

New Member
Hi wondering whether anyone could help me pick between any of these 3 boats based on experience? Im 70kg and 6ft 2" and my options are:

-Fluidesign Elite
-Stampfli ST1
-Stampfli X1

Any help really appreciated!
I would go with the Fluidesign Elite. I have owned boats for years and I can vouch for this boat. It has beautiful handling, and moves like a dream. The price is what makes it though, you will not find anything this good, for a price like that.
Well the only real help that I can offer here is merely just the fact that I have heard good things about Stampfli and their products. Other than that, I really do not have any personal experience with either, but I am happy and excited for you in your new purchase. This is always a fun, but nerve-inducing, experience to have so best of luck to you. Thanks for sharing.