Can everyone start rowing in college?

Hi, just a question for my daughter. If you are going to Collage, can anyone then join the rowing team? Or do you have to be real good? What is the average. Se can not ask it on the collage, because she is not knowing where she will go to collage. But she want to do some sport on school. So that is why I ask it here ....
It depends on the college. Some colleges are highly competitive in rowing and only a select few can join the rowing team. It also depends on the level of competition, she might go to a college where the competition is low.
Well if your daughter has been an active participant in sports then she can certainly join rowing team of her college. As shaun has already mentioned, some colleges are pretty strict about who can join their rowing teams so eventually it comes down to the capability and competitive spirit of an individual. You can also do some research online, you should be able to find out about the sports culture of a particular college and check out the criteria for joining the rowing teams.