I used to capsize frequently when I first started rowing. Capsizing is never a pleasant experience but you learn how to respond. My advice would be to stay with your boat at all times, the buoyancy of the boat is your friend.

Have you ever capsized? Do you have any safety tips?
Yeah I have capsized few times when I was new to rowing. Your advice is great but you must also ensure that you are not trapped below water. You must try to keep your head above water even if it means getting away from the boat. You must also take care not to get entangled in the underwater obstacles otherwise there is a real danger of drowning. Depending on the weather and water temperature, you can either wait for assistance or try to bring your boat to upright condition and haul yourself on it to escape the cold and freezing conditions.
That's why I like to row with a partner, in case of any emergency situations. I know exactly what to do when I am out of the boat but there is always the risk of serious danger when the water is very cold and you panic.
This is what I would worry about the most. I am not a perfect swimmer! I suppose the fear of this would motivate me to learn more at swimming and become a perfect swimmer, lol. But then again, capsizing in any watercraft is bound to scare the hell out of ya and put you in a panic.
Yeah, hold on to your boat as much as you can and you will be sure to stay on top. I have learned that the hard way and I have drunk too many lake water before whenever I capsized, before I have learned that simple trick.
I have been very blessed in this department, I have never flipped a canoe, kayak or any other type of floating device! I think it has do to with growing up in Florida, where the gators are plentiful! On a recent kayak trip with my brother, I saw him hitting something with his paddle! When I asked him what he was doing he simply replied," Got to show them who's boss!"
I've never capsized in over 1,600 miles of rowing.
I row skiffs that have good stability.
I've never rowed racing shells. I've heard that they have almost no stability. Easy to capsize.
Well I am pretty sure that we have all been there at one point, and it is a bummer. Really the best thing that you can do is have all of the things that you bring with water-proof. If you can manage that, being capsized can actually just be something fun, if the water is not too bad of course. It is better to embrace it and laugh it off then get all frustrated, but of course this is easier said than done.
I think this is the reason more people don't row, they are afraid that they capsize and don't no what to do. I normally row on a very calm stretch of river, so unless you are really doing something that you should, there is not much chance of capsizing there.