Carb Loading


My diet is low-carb during the week, even on training days my carb intake is 50g or less. During the weekend I load up on carbohydrates to fuel up for the week ahead. I consume around 300g of carbs of the weekend. I like carb loading because it enables me to minimize fat gain without compromising performance.

Do you carb load?
I usually go for carbs after a workout. After I am cycling, like the other day when I rode 102 miles, I eat stuff that is high on carbs for post-workout recovery as well as protein!
Load on carbs after workout. That's the only time I give myself a carb treat. The rest of the time, I'm more conservative in eating. It has been working for me so far.
I don't think it's ever really a good idea to "load up" on carbs. That being said, you can't help it sometimes. Eating healthy day after day can get pretty old. So I think it's perfectly fine to treat yourself to a meal or two during the week that is exactly what you want. Whether or not it's really unhealthy or not. As long as you are eating right the rest of the time, and exercising on a regular basis you should be fine.