Exercises to strengthen Core and Lats


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Hi all! :)

I am new to rowing and I have just started to really get some good form and improve my performance.

I am finding that after a rowing session, my lower back and my lats are really sore for the next 24 - 36 hours. I was wondering if anyone could suggest some exercises I can do every night to strengthen these areas and make me perform better.

I hope to become a competitive rower this year if I can get myself into shape!

Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.
It's not about strengthening the lower back, the pain is probably there due to no warm up prior to the activity or incorrect form or technique.

To strengthen the core, I would suggest doing sit ups etc. You can find great core exercises on the net which can be done at home or at the gym.
Thanks for your advice Faizal, I will look up some videos on Youtube and see what I can find to improve my core strength.

I will also endeavour to warm up more before I start any strenuous rowing.

Thanks again!
I would say the pain could also be the product of fatigue or simply tightness of the muscles in your lower back and upper legs. As a precaution I'd suggest adding a regimental stretching routine to your daily life.

if it is fatigue it will go away and the stretching will still be beneficial. If the cause is tight muscles then the stretching should solve it. Good luck in your rowing pursuits.
I'm relatively new actually but I have a knowledge from other sports that is more all less transferable to rowing. Good luck with your back issues I hope you sort it out.
I used to have a bad lower back, albeit not from rowing. Like another poster mentioned above, a good stretching routine defiantly helped me out, you could give that a try combined with strengthening your core.
Pullups will strengthen your core and your lats. Which in turn will help your lower back pain.
Pullups have limited core application, I would suggest squats since they activate more stabilisers by a considerable margin. In saying that pullups will definitely help to improve the amount of strength in each stroke.

Also a standard core routine something along the lines of crunches, cable crunches, leg raises and bridging would be even more successful for this.
I do stiff legged deadlifts on my leg training day, these target hamstrings.

On back day I do full range of movement deadlifts to get my lower back and traps. Another great exercise for lower back is hyper-extensions.
no problem buddy, hit me with any questions you have and if you like I can share some weight training programs with you.
Do you have any ideas to burn visceral fat, Gary?

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any burner ideas?