Favorite Rowing Spots

MJ Dagan

New Member
Where are your favorite rowing spots? Lakes or rivers?
I have been rowing on the Huron River in Michigan. It's my first river rowing as I learned to row on lakes, and I love the varied views as I wind around the river bends and under bridges. I do miss the long straightaways that I used to have rowing a course on a lake.
Your thoughts?
i haven't try this sport yet but i would rather try lakes than to river.. So how do you feel when you do it on the lakes?
I love rowing on Lake Hiawassee, which is very close to my home. There is a good boat ramp at Jackrabbit Beach that has space for launching small boats, so me and my friends go out on nice weekends for a few hours of rowing.
I row on Parramatta River in Sydney, Australia. The view is extremely beautiful as we can often row near out Sydney landmark, the Darling Harbour. I always row in the mornings (afternoon is way too hot), so I get to see the sunrise near the Darling Harbour. I have also rowed in various different rivers around Sydney, but my rowing training is mostly at Parramatta river.
My favourite place to row is the river Thames. The river Thames is a famous river and it is a fun place to row because of the sights and activity around the river. When I was younger I joined a rowing club on the Thames, I loved it.
I live on the Tennessee River and it is truely beautiful! I would think it is much better to row on a river, due to the fact that you can get into the shade more often. Plus like you said there is so much to see on rivers!
Well unfortunately I am doomed to my current geographic location, which means my actual time out on the water is limited. That said, though, this might change here pretty soon as I am set to move. That said, though, my ideal spot would have to be one in the good old days, the college days. There was a local river there that we would always canoe on Saturdays, and it was very peaceful but challenging enough at the same time. Good times those were, and thanks for the memories.