Fitness Reality MR 4000 Magnetic Rower Machine


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My first post here. I don't own a rowing machine as of yet and was hoping your members could give some insight on this model. My wife and I were interested in this one because of the oar action and height it offers. But several red flags go up when trying to research this product.
First, there is only one video as a review from a suppose customer that is glowing and lengthy. The other a video is from the manufacturer. I couldn't find any other review in video form about it anywhere on the internet.
Second, there is not listing for this Model on the company's website, but yet every one of the other models has a assembly and operation manual online to download.
I realize this is not in the running as a high quality machine like the concept 2 model D or E but my wife is a para and we needed to added arm motion this machine has. If anyone can offer any kind of advice about this rower good or bad please fill me in. It's driving me nuts trying to research it. I did read a few neg reviews on Amazon at first, but now it will only let me see the 5 star rating even though there are 4,3,2,1 stars listed.