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I have a Kettler Coach M rowing machine which I have used a little in the past. I plan on using it more for cross training in order to assist my running (I typically run and cycle).

I’m after some advice on intensities and training techniques. I have read information similar to the following on various websites:

3:00 at easy intensity, 22–24 strokes/minute; then 3:00 as 1:00 easy (24 strokes/minute), 1:00 medium (26 strokes/minute), 1:00 hard (28 strokes/minute) and keep an eye on the split time or MPH to gauge your intensity; use that as a reference for the rest of the workout.

My Kettler has a resistance setting between 1 and 10. I always have left it on 1 (easiest resistance).

On a résistance setting of 1, over 45 mins I average 35 strokes per minute.


I assume the resistance must be too low because many of the websites I have read imply 28 strokes per minute is hard.

45 minutes of rowing on resistance level 1 seems too easy.

Therefore, I have a couple of questions :

- I assume I should up the resistance in order to match 28 strokes per minute as being hard, and get my heart rate up quicker?

- to have more definable performance metrics, I’m thinking of getting a concept 2 so that I can really measure the power used in a workout (I use a power meter for running (Stryd) and cycling (Power2max, PowerTap, TacNeo). However, I have no knowledge of the concept 2. Will the concept 2 allow you to program erg mode sessions with intervals (a bit like a home trainer for a bike can hold certain power resistances)?

Thanks for your help and answers !


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