How good is a WaterRower?

very nice. I just bought one used from craigslist. rowed crew in college, concept 2 dry training. looks cool, sounds soothing, every part looks replaceable if you can wear it out, ill write more probably around christmas after I have more time on it.
I have used this in the gym I go to, and amazed at how it works and also easy to row in and very nice to sit in as well and comfortable too and you can start slow if getting used to rowing or go fast if you feel like it which I have done when I have a lot of energy to use. Also all the muscles get used and your back as well and can be good for that,and a nice way to keep the body fit and toned too and can lose weight if you keep doing it. I usually use it twice daily and, sometimes in the weekend three times if i have the time and not that busy doing something.
Well I cannot say that I have any personal experience with it, but from the looks of it, it looks really nice. It does say that it is the perfect exercise too, so you cannot go wrong there. Of course we expect to hear this from the company, but at least they stand behind it well. I like the style, and in terms of performance it looks like a good fit and it would do all that you need, and if it is so big on design I am sure it has nice features. I say go for it, but of course it is not my money. Thanks for sharing, and best of luck.