How Many Strokes A Minute?


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I don't know the exact number but I would say I get in about 20 strokes a minute over calm water and closer to 40 or 50 when I'm going against a current. How strokes a minute do you average in calm and rough water? This is more for canoers, btw but others are welcome to give a best guess!
It depends how far I am travelling and how fast I want to go. I do about 50-60 strokes per minute for leisure and about half that if I am canoeing at a higher intensity. My power output is much higher when doing a low stroke rate around 20 strokes per minute. The 20-30 stroke range is more for competitive training.
I do about 15-20 strokes per minute in calm water and about 40 when I am against a strong current. Of course this is not a hard and fast rule and I do more strokes if I am training hard or have to move fast. My trainer has told me never to overexert my body and always save some strength for emergency situations and I try to follow this advice.