I like to listen to upbeat dance music when I am using my rowing machine. The high tempo of the music energizes me and makes me feel good.

Do you listen to music when you are using the rowing machine or do you prefer to row in silence?
I definitely listen to music when I need to get through a quick workout. If I need to focus then Ill use my own energy to carry me through a workout. Sometimes I like to work on my mental strength so no music helps me when Im trying to do that. Otherwise I like to blast the music loud and rock out.
I used to train in silence and it did help me focus on the exercise. However, I introduced music and my workouts were more enjoyable. Training without music feels odd now, it's not as enjoyable and I don't feel as much enthusiasm.
I do listen to music but I prefer calm music instead of high tempo music. Music definitely helps during rowing and it helps to increase focus and make you ready for the intense workout session. I used to workout without any music but once I started working out with music, there was no turning back and now I can't even imagine working out without any music.
I got to have music because I look to beat the tempo! If there is no music on in the gym, I bring my own playlist. I use my ipod mini and my mp3 player.
If your listening to your favorite music, you are more likely to enjoy your workout! Also you lose track of the time, and not watching the clock so much. Music also helps you keep a certain pace, which is key to rowing I'd imagine.
I do like to listen to music while I am out and about rowing. Typically I'll throw in my earsbuds and listen to some relaxing jazz. But it all really depends on my mood. I'm not one to really have a closed mind when it comes to music. I'll give anything a shot. I'm in a variety of moods when I'm out on the water, so I listen to a wide variety of music to reflect that.
Well when it comes to the music I like to listen to for workouts, it mostly depends on the mood that I am in. That said, though, it is mostly a similar mood which means that I need a good bass to get going. I am not the biggest fan of rap, but I have to say that it really does the trick when it comes to the beat, and with a good pair of headphones that can really get me going. My song right now is Logic - Man of the Year.