My Times Can't Be Right


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Hello everyone,

Can someone help me with the times the display on my air rower is feeding back to as they cannot possibly be correct
I would class myself as a beginner and own a v-fit tornado air rower.
I bought this a while ago and only started using it recently as it's the only workout I can do while I'm waiting for my hip to be replaced.
I am quite sure my technique isn't terrible but probably isn't great either.
I am a 6ft, approx 175 lbs, 51 year old male.
I have been rowing 10 minutes daily for a couple of weeks to ease myself in, which has always ended up being exactly 3km and my spm has been showing between 20-22.
I have just completed a 5km row in 16.05.....according to the display, which I think is wrong, after checking online today.
I would like to set myself some goals and see how my efforts compare to other rowers but if my display is giving me false readings then I see how I can do this.
The display on this model is basic so isn't difficult to read so I can't be reading it wrong.
Does anybody else own this rower and if so what times are you getting?

All The Best