New Rower Questions


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I'm thinking of trying out for my university's rowing team when I join this fall. I'm currently 5'8", 145 lbs about 11%-12% bodyfat. Should I cut down a bit more to compete in light-weight rowing? Also, what sorts of exercises should I be working on in terms of endurance and strength specific to rowing?
The best training specific exercise you can do is rowing, preferably on the water. To build your leg strength you can do squats and lunges, to build your upper body strength you can do pull ups and push ups. Hill sprints are good for building endurance and strength in your legs too.
Endurance is a huge part of it isn't it? This is good advice for me also. I can be in better shape and can use some specific training myself. Both upper and lower body fitness is important to be able to row a long distance.