Questions; Rowing Machine with front elevated? Resistance to use on a Concept 2?


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Okay, I go to a gym that has a number of Rowers and saw one person put some of those steps or platforms under the front of the Concept 2 rower so it was elevated probably about 10 inches only. I know one can do that for cycling. I wasn't sure if this would be good exercise however, I talked to one instructor who while not recommending it, didn't seem to think it would harm the machine. Discuss:

Also, I use a Concept 2 rower. What kinds of factors do you consider in setting its resistance level?

Thank you in advance for any answers.
rowed crew in college. concept 2 for training. we set resistance at 6.5. you don't need to put it at a funny angle. just keep pulling, and sweating.
no idea why they would do that. but whatever.

but... on a second thought, make sure the next time you see this person, please do this at least once,
go over next to them, and lift your erg ~ 1-2 inches higher than them. it will drive them nuts. hahaha.
Well I am not sure if ten inches would make much of a difference, but then again sometimes these things do not sound like much and then surprise you. In this case, I can see that. The rowing machine I use always makes me sore (which I love) but I have never tried it elevated, but it seems like it would add a good deal of resistance. I really want to try it now, so I might go have to see if we have one around here somewhere. Thanks for sharing.