Rowing a 17' Mandarin Rowing Skiff


Yesterday, I bought this 17' Selway-Fisher Mandarin Rowing Skiff from the guy that built it in 2011. He is a retired cabinet maker and he has transitioned to building wooden boats as a hobby. This is his 8th boat.



I posted a short (2 min) video clip of me rowing this rowboat.

Since there are not a whole lot of replies (like zero), I'm guessing the focus of this website is competitive rowing, like racing shells and olympic class rowing.

I'm always looking for constructive criticism that can help me improve my rowing adventures, even if it is in the cruising and recreational mode. Here's a screen shot from yesterday's rowing adventure.


Here is the video clip:

This is probably slow for you guys, but somewhere in there, my Garmin GPS recorded a maximum speed of 6.3 mph. Of course that is not sustainable. :)
Here is another video of my "new to me" Mandarin 17. I put the camcorder on a tripod mounted in the bow of an inflatable dinghy which I towed behind my rowboat.