Rowing as a Spectator Sport

Rowing as a spectator sport is fun to watch.

Once they get into the knockout rounds at the Olympics, it is always enthralling. There is nothing like a good race between opposing countries. There have been some top notch races over the years.

Going down to the last few inches.
I do rowing myself but I still catch up rowing competitions on TV. It's amazing to watch teams working hard and synchronizing to achieve victory. I am looking forward to watching rowing at London Olympics.
I'm looking forward to watching the rowing events at the Olympics this summer. I actually live just outside London and I'm counting down the days for the Olympics. I'll be going to Dorney Lake to watch the rowing live, I've never been there before, it's a purpose built rowing lake.
I don't normally but every once in a while I'll watch a race and I usually enjoy it. I love it when the rowers go much faster than you're expecting them to!
For those of us who can't reall row and are new to it, watching is the next best thing. that is what gets you interested in the first place. Spectatorship is also a part of a sport. Look at how the crowd follower the golfer at a championship.