Rowing down the river!

Shawn Gossman

New Member
Rolling down the river, a great song nonetheless :P

But anyways, how would rowing down a river be in terms of training? A river has a current so I would assume there could be a lot of workout potential involved especially if going to other way of the current. Thoughts?
I think it, it is going to be hard work to train for as a person would need motivation as well and going in a river would take practice as well and concentration as well. I have never done rowing down the river, and also would need to be real good and have someone who is good at it to help you. I, reckon it will be important to see how the current is and start in small ones and move up one you have got training and able to move around real good.
Well this really makes me miss my college days. Senior year when we had the house, we would always go canoeing down the local river on Saturdays. It was great, spending all day out there drinking and getting some good exercise in. It is probably what really sparked my interest in rowing and really got me using the machines in the gym, so that is good. Thanks for sharing though, and a little trip down memory lane.