Rowing in bow seat in a four

david briley

New Member
Hello everyone,

I'm part of a mens novice four and I've been moved from 3 seat to bow. My coach has said that it's because I'm technically better than my brother who has been rowing for less time than me. I have no problem switching places but I have been told that Bow seat is the hardest seat and that I will be responsible for setting the boat and keeping the rhythm of the boat. Anyway to cut a long story short does anyone have any tips/advice on how to become a good bowman, what to watch out for and in general what I'm supposed to do; other than just row! any advise would be greatly appreciated.
The bowmen are usually the most technical rowers and the smallest rowers because of their position on the boat. Your coach has selected you for the bow position for this reason. You will be more responsible for the stability and direction of the boat. Take advice from your coach, I'm sure you will learn quickly.