Rowing in the fog

The sound of the water and the birds singing is relaxing. An infinitely better experience than using a rowing machine. You had the whole lake to yourself, very lucky man!
Rowing in the fog sounds awesome.

Creates for a unique and scenic type of situation. I can just imagine sitting there rowing through as the fog envelopes around you and everything is peacefully quiet. Must have been a lot of fun.
I have done it a few times and the experience is really amazing. However you should be careful if the fog is too dense or if you are not familiar with the location. You don't want to crash with floating objects or another rower, so better be safe than sorry.
You're lucky to have had this experience. It msut have felt unreal, like you were rowing through clouds. It's probably now neatly catalogued under your amazing rowing epic journeys.
Rowing in the fog adds an extra dimension of enjoyment to the rowing experience. I would not attempt that kind of adventure without GPS. The oppotunity for rowing in the fog does not come often on Lake Livingston. I have been living at the lake for 4 months and that was the only day of dense fog. Maybe in the fall when things cool down (it was 100 degrees yesterday), the fog will return.

It was not an "epic" journey in the sense of skill, risk, and pucker factor. One of my epic journeys in the fog was sailing a Tornado catamaran on Lake Ontario. That was years ago, long before GPS. I was sailing a couple of miles off the shoreline when the dense fog rolled in. Other than the wind direction, I had no guidance as to what direction I was sailing. After a couple hours, the fog lifted, which was a big relief to me.

Now I row more than I sail.

Keep both oars in the water!
Hi SailorDon, your earlier experience sounds an epic for sure. I can see why you mention GPS. You seem to have a real love and attachment to water. I love water myself, I hope to live somewhere with a good water-view someday.
Well I really do not mind a little fog in the forecast if I am rowing, and I hope that it is not scaring anyone away. I do not think it would though. It would probably be best for me if it were in the morning, for some reason that is just more appealing, but I would take it either way. Gotta love when you can combine the recreation and the exercise. It sounds like you had an enjoyable trip, and thanks for sharing.
The good thing about rowing in the fog is that no one else is there. Just as long as you row in a place that doesn't have a lot of waterway traffic you should be fine. It can be a bit spooky though.