Rowing In The New Year 2017

Hi SaliorDon, Do you own on dvd or vhs world cup rowing regattas from 1997-2008. I am most interested from 2005-2008. There are 3 regattas every year. There is nothing before 2009 of world cup rowing on with only half of 2005-2008 on youtube. Before 2005 there is very little on youtube. I would like to buy copies off you for whatever price you want me to. They would need to be recorded off the tv for it to be legal copies though. If you don't have any of this please let me know if you know anyone else who can help. Regards Wayne
My first guess would be from the tv but if you can get me any of these regattas or the lot from some other device that would also be great. Which country are you from ? If you are not British than I would need to pay you via money transfer from my paypal account.
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