Rowing Music?


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Can anyone suggest and music to row to? I need something upbeat and inspiring, a bit like the rocky theme music :)
I'm a big fan of pendulum, justice, bloody beetroots and children collide when I'm searching for motivation.

Eye of the tiger is a great option too. All the best with your rowing playlist.
72 Virgins by the bloody beetroots is probably my favourite followed closely by harvest time. Waters of Nazareth is my favourite Justice song to go hard to.

what's you favourite skrillex tracks?
wow I can't believe of never heard of that dude before he's got some really cool music, any other suggestions since you obviously have good taste in workout music.
If you like what Skrillex has to offer then you will also like Nero.

Also, Youtube UKF Dubstep - it's like a goldmine of goodies!

Enjoy Gary! :)
For upbeat style of music I love listening to techno, it is very fast paced and really keeps me going. Give it a try if you haven't yet.
Try looking at the soundtracks of classic 80's action movies, they generally all have pretty similar styles to eye of the tiger. Robert Tepper - No Easy Way Out is another song I like, Bon Jovi's music is also excellent, Livin' on a Prayer, It's my Life, all great songs that will motivate you to push harder during your workout.
Thanks for the suggestions guys - will add them to my playlist next time im rowing - not sure I will like all of them though lol

or some other 80s song.

For some reason I just think the 80s were a happier time because all of the music is energetic!!!