Should I start rowing?

Shawn Gossman

New Member
I am into cycling and want to get into more sports that will work my upper body out. I don't want to bulk up like a weight lifter but need something to keep myself strong up top yet slim like a cyclist should be. Is rowing for me?
in rowing, you will definately burn those calories. Over a period of time, you could increase your upper and lower body strength. Then you can increase your speed which could be a carry over to your cycling as well.
Rowing is as strenuous as you want to make it, but low impact. Rowing makes you stronger without sprained ankles, wrenched knees, tennis elbow, back spasms or testicular cancer. Rowing is pleasurable as a cruiser, without the pressure of racing. The people on the beaches and on other boats are entertaining. From the water, the views of different types of houses, buildings, and other boats are interesting. The wild life is surprising and memorable. There's room for everyone on the water. 50 MPH traffic does not pass inches away. One of my nephews was killed on a bicycle, as was one of my brothers-in-law.