Started kayaking lakes, and rivers


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2 Summers ago. I have a sit-on-top kayak my sister gave me as she didn't care for it. I love it, and it came in way handy since I was doing a lot of hiking, and walking, but no upper-body stuff.

I get a great work-out in the kayak if I row/paddle for long periods of time. I live on a river, right above a damn, and have a nice stretch to row before I get to some rapids. I also take the kayak whenever I camp the high, lakes in Oregon.

I had never gotten out on the water on my own, only to water-ski, and that isn't on my own. I hope to do a lot more this Spring and Summer. If I get confident enough, I might try for a sea-kayak, but we'll see:)

If there are any other folks around my age (61) that are starting to do something like this, or, have been doing it for awhile, I would love to meet you:) I am into photography, and some of the shots I can get from the kayak are pretty neat as well. I want to get a rack for it though, because right now I have to just load it in the back of my truck. That takes quite a bit of space that could be used for me other gear:)

So glad to see someone else starting out at our age! I have done some kayaking in Tampa Bay, I was with a group of people at the time. It was HOT, I like the rivers and lakes better, where you can get into the shade when you want to!