Would you buy a second hand Kayak from ebay?

Hi all, I am looking for a kayak, and now I did see a nice kayak on Ebay. My question is would you buy one from ebay? What do I need to check before I actual buy it? Any tips. Let me know ... Thanks.
Nobody any opinion / advice on this. Would you buy an kayak anywhere else for that matter, like Craigslist ?
Let me know, and what are your advice that I should look for, before I buy a second hand one?
There are some great bargains to be had on eBay. You obviously need to check the seller's rating and feedback. You will need to be sure the kayak is right for you in terms of measurements, skill level, the type of paddling etc.

I would have no qualms with buying on eBay if it was the right boat for me.
I would go for it and buy one on there. There isn't much about a kayak that could set it apart from others, so buying used is probably your best bet. You will certainly save some money than what you would pay in store.