Blisters While Rowing


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Does anyone have a problem with getting blisters whenever they row? Whenever I row, blisters tend to form, and I was just wondering any methods from you rowers out there on how to prevent them!
Generally using some Vaseline should greatly help reduce the onset of blisters. It helps to greatly reduce friction and stops them from forming and I can attest to it's ability to prevent blisters from personal use as I used to suffer from blisters quite badly before I started using Vaseline.
I've never rowed but when I do pullups and other exercises using grip I also get blisters. And like crashingup said, vaseline does seem to help.
Using mentholated spirits can help to harden the callisus, after which you will no longer get pain.

As disgusting as it sounds urinating on your hands is also meant to help.
I have a pair of leather gloves that have a special interior that helps prevent that. If it weren't for those gloves, my hands would be in terrible shape right now.
I don't seem to get blisters on the inside of my hands anymore even when I haven't done so in awhile. However
I get blisters sometimes on the webbing between my thumb and pointer fingers on either hand.
It def. sucks but I am not sure if it is position or not. Generally happens when I am rowing something to small for me.
Yes, I do have blisters from training, but they are worth it. Try using microtape. All my crew uses it. It's a type of tape that sticks to your skin and acts as a second skin to prevent your hands from blistering or protect the blisters. :) Through I don't like that that much, really, but it works.
So vaseline, gloves, or tape is the counter to blisters is what it seems like. Thank you all for your replies; I will most definitely keep in mind the advice given!
:) Just voicing my opinion though... personally I don't like gloves because your hands get sweating after you take them out. :)