Question from a beginner. What to buy?

Hello all,

I was always planning to buy myself a Kayak. Like to be on the water, but it was always pretty expensive in Europe, where I am original from.
Now I found with Academy these Kayak for only $149.99 (See here)

Would this be a good beginners Kayak, and can a person from 6.4" 254 pounds use it ?
Hope I get some good answers ...
This is a good kayak for beginners but unfortunately it can only carry upto 200 pounds. The kayak itself weight 26 pounds and has some great reviews from customers. Here is a link to the product on Amazon, you can go through the specifications and check the reviews for yourself
Okay, thanks. Then I also need the check the weight limit on those kayaks.
Will look some up.
Are there any other people here that can recommend me some boat like above but then up to a weight for about 260 pounds. I seem to have a problem of finding them in my area (Texas) and I want to take one with me when I move back to Germany. Let me know ...
Good entry level kayak but you are too heavy for it. I think you should look for a kayak rated at around 300 pounds, considering you are 6'5 and weight just over 250 pounds. You will have to pay more for a bigger and stronger boat.

What sort of paddling will you be doing?
I did understand that part already from Bryce12, now I only looking for a good kayak that can hold my weight. And I am not overweight, but just big and tall. So there must be kayaks that can support my weight ? Or not. Please give some brands, links. Thanks
There are plenty of options for you. Pungo are a good brand, their kayaks are made in USA and top quality. Pungo 140 has a weight capacity of 350 pounds and a nice wide cockpit for the larger individual. The Camden 120 is another good option.